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Det handlar om en fredsintention!




Jag älskar verkligen cruelty free makeup. I really love cruelty free makeup. Look after brands that are not with bismuth oxyklorid. That´s god to not have this chemical cause it is from led. And led is really doning bad things for the enviroment, you can't sleep with bismuth oxikloride. Look it up. You are so welcome to visit my shop with CF Makeup brand ZAO Vegan Makeup: Other stuff you can avoid is mineraloils, they are made of petrochemicals. Crude Oil is not CF. It´s cruel to call makeup vegan when it´s not. Look up some more information in my site: It´s just a simple call for stopping wars, when we extract the crude oil. The war, the killing of inocent peoples of the world. It´s not ok anymore. We are here to change things. . . . .



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